college holidays

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 2.45.08 PMThe holidays roll around…and suddenly the need to get gifts for everyone becomes urgent. In between studying for finals and saying goodbyes, it often gets overlooked. These gifts are easy, thoughtful, and should brighten your friend/roommate/acquaintance’s day!

For my friends M and S, I went with  Dammit Dolls.  Credits to mom on this one, she found these a while ago and sent one with me to college. My friends regularly come into my room to use mine, and think they’re adorable. They’re small, fun, and totally applicable for college.  These colorful creatures all have a little patch that explains what they’re made for. They read –

“Whenever things don’t go so well, / and you want to hit the wall and yell, / here’s a little dammit doll, / that you can’t do without. / Just grasp it by the legs / and find a place to slam it. / And as you whack the stuffing out / yell “DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!”

Nail polish always works as well, especially if you know a friend’s been dying for a certain color. It’s the kind of thing that most people won’t splurge for themselves, even if they really want it. What girl doesn’t love a new color?! For a closer friend, pillows are something that every college girl loves on her bed. If they’re fun and funky you really can’t go wrong. I love this “Go to the Gym” pillow, but it verges on expensive for a holiday gift. There are lots of other patterns and colors out there if you look carefully, especially on Etsy.

The hardest of all: the roommate who doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. C already has a dammit doll (thanks mom), and isn’t into girly or decorative things. She spends a majority of her day working hard at her desk, so how about a desktop zen garden? The sand is serene and perfect for a quick study break, and all of our friends visit just to play with it and create a design with the included mini rakes. I got hers off of Amazon, but there are tons of options.

Everyone understands that the end of the semester is crazy with exams, goodbyes, and a million other things. Did you forget gifts?! No worries – just bring them when you return in January!

Happy Holidays!


Alexandra Ferguson “Go to the Gym” Pillow | Dammit Doll | Zen Bamboo Mini Rock Garden | Essie Nail Polish


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