hair ties to die for

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 1.06.58 PMIf you haven’t seen these new hair ties yet,  you’re really missing out. As someone with curly, frizzy,and thick hair that’s hard to manage and pull back, I’ve always hated run-of-the-mill ponytails. They stretch, snap, and crease my hair. I’ve always played sports, and its a constant battle between keeping my hair straight or frizzless and getting it out of my face.

I started noticing these handy little hair ties in accessories boutiques around town. The fun colors and patterns are adorable! Emi-Jay makes them, but you can find other non-name brand ones too. I like how they’re really cute looking in my hair (and on my wrist!) , and they keep my hair in place without the struggles of an standard hair tie.  They don’t snap and barely stretch. I use them until they start to fray and fade, making them worth their slightly higher cost. I’m always asked about them ( I guess they’re not as popular in Georgia as they are at home).

Free People makes some really great patterns as well, they’re next on my list of must-haves (maybe in five or six months when my current ties get retired…)


Emi-Jay ‘Crystal Bead’ Hair Tie | Emi-Jay ‘Raspberry Voltage’ Hair Ties (3 Pack) | Emi-Jay ‘Chevron’ Hair Ties (3 Pack) | Fabric Hair Tie Gift 30 Hair Tie Paint Can | Free People Elastic Printed Hair Ties


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