At first, I thought we would be vacationing in Hawaii. My parents changed their minds and our magical destination became Arizona.

Vacation felt special this time because I got to spend time with my family that I no longer see everyday while I’m at college. I felt like my connection with my parents especially had matured and grown, and that spending time with them was more fun than I remembered. We were also computer and cell service-less, which was (in some ways) refreshing – except when my professors still hadn’t updated my grades and I was dying to know. I took over 300 pictures which are still being edited, but some of my favorites are above. The red rocks of Sedona were insanely photogenic and beautiful.

We did tons of outdoorsy things (think hiking, stargazing, and jeep tours), as well as visiting art galleries, the Grand Canyon, and playing tennis. My poor Atlanta wardrobe was not prepared for 65 degree days and 30 degree nights!

It was a great way to end 2013 on a high note with those who mean a lot to me before preparing to jet back off to college.  Here’s to a fabulous 2014!


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