in defense of leggings

We’ve all heard it before – “leggings are not pants”.

I’d like to point out that leggings can be amazing when done correctly – the right pair with the right top. The flow chart (although amazingly thought out) does not have to be the rule.

Now lets be clear, I’m talking about black or grey neutral leggings. Not crazy, cupcake-print scary Halloween leggings. Those only belong at a costume party – and maybe not?!

The Right Pair

I could live in my go – to pair of leggings. They’re black, and full length. Why full length? I usually wear them with boots. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you can see the bottom of the legging above the top of the boot. There’s nothing cute about that.

They are also made of a slightly thicker material. Not only does that mean they have some warmth, it also means that absolutely nothing shows through. It’s important to purchase a pair of leggings that are of high quality so that thin spots in the fabric aren’t being displayed to the world.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.34.43 AM

The Right Top 

Even with an amazing pair of leggings, there are definitely limits to what you can wear with them. My personal rule:

if the shirt wouldn’t cover a pair of bikini bottoms, it’s not made for leggings. 

_8131602This shirt is adorable with leggings, and covers everything needed without being a dress. Depending on how tall or short you are, this might change!

I love leggings because they’re easy to wear and amazingly comfortable to put on, while still being fashionable. The key with leggings is in your judgement – it’s up to you to know when you can rock them and when a pair of pants would be better. They’re also relatively cheap and easy to replace.

So yes, if I’m going out I’ll wear jeans. But if I’m hanging around, going to class, or going to the store, leggings > pants.

-from campus with love (and leggings)


BP Essential Leggings in Black


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