whats in my longchamp bag – airplane carry-on


Before I completely unpacked from my trip to Arizona, I wanted to show y’all my carry on bag. I used my Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag in navy blue, because its the perfect size and is extremely durable. The rock dust that got on it easily wiped off, and it still looks as good as new. It also wasn’t particularly heavy and was easy to carry through the airport.

1. Moleskine Notebook / turned planner – This is my handy little planner that I take everywhere with me. It basically organizes my life, and contains my schedule, lists, addresses, whatever I need. (Check it out here)  I prefer the hard version because I know it won’t break or bend no matter what it’s next to, and it also has a layer of protection from any spills or dirt in my bag.

2. The Secrets She Carried – I picked this book up at the campus Barnes and Noble once I realized that I would actually have free time to pleasure read this break!! I read it on the plane ride home and it’s amazing, I completely recommend it and watch for a book review coming soon.

3. Sunglasses – Just a cheap pair I picked up. I didn’t want to risk losing or breaking my favorite sunglasses.

4. Tory Burch Wallet –  This was a graduation gift and I’m so in love. It’s the Robinson Zip Coin Case, although this particular style with the lace decoration is no longer listed. The color is not too bright or dark, and I find that its the right size to hold my essentials but still be easy to fit into pockets or bags. I always get so many compliments on it. The wallet is beginning to show some wear, but a little trip to the shoemaker for some leather repair and it should be good as new.

5. iPhone 4s + Jcrew Case + Apple Headphones – yes, I still have the iPhone 4s, unfortunately. Much needed however in the airport to check social media and stay in contact, while on the plane I use it for music and candy crush. The case was purchased last year at the Jcrew outlet at Woodbury Commons.. It’s a nice pattern that isn’t obnoxiously bright, and it has a little bit of softness to it. It also has a lip on the front to protect the screen, which for me is essential in a phone case. The case is beginning to wear a bit at the edges, but I’m scheduled to get a new phone the end of this month so I shouldn’t have to worry about that for too long (!). Finally, my standard Apple headphones are good enough for me as I jam out on the plane.

All the essentials that helped me survive this trip/ the five hour plane ride!



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