why i love hilary duff

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I honestly can’t think of my childhood without Hilary Duff. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t watch hours of the Lizzie McGuire Show or have all of her movies/ CDs.

Unlike most of the other Disney stars of her (and our) time, she’s still someone I’d want to emulate.

While she may have lost her little sassy-animated-Lizzie McGuire-self, her style is amazing and evolved beyond the early 2000’s. Seriously, some of the things she wore on the show blew my mind (and yes, I know she didn’t pick those all out).

I love how her style is so effortless yet she always looks put together. It’s not racy or grungy, it’s just comfortable. It seems like she can rock anything, even with her son Luca in tow. She also pulls off all styles, without boxing herself into one thing.

I also read recently that she’s working on a new album. So excited for this!

Some pieces that are similar to what she wears –

Paula Bianco Chunky Infinity Scarf – This is her exact scarf and it seems like her favorite accessory. I think it’s a great piece that fits almost everything. For a cheaper version, try the AnnaKastle New Womens Double Wrap Circle Ring Chunky Infinity Scarf. I’m highly considering buying one for those cold mornings (and maybe I’ll feel like H. Duff when I wear it?). I love the last outfit, where she wears a scarf with a dress. Instant way to make a dress less formal! I’ve been wearing scarves much  more often lately, and they’re a really versatile way to switch up an outfit. S

She rocks the JET Jeans Hippie Skinny in Blue with Luca walking, second from the left, that Kim Kardashian and other celebs have also been spotted wearing. Need something similar on a college budget? American Eagle’s Skinny Jean in Dark Broken In will do the trick.

I’ve noticed Duff rocks the booties whenever she’s not wearing impeccable heels. While I’m not one for heels, I’d love to get my hands on a cute pair of boots that look this effortless.

Needless to say, Hilary Duff is not only my childhood favorite but a personal style icon.


coincidentally goes perfectly with the Daily Post’s Style Icon prompt. 


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