back at school means back to school supplies!

2014-01-13 16.58.10I’m baaaaack!

Back at school = back to school supplies. Since classes start tomorrow, it was the perfect day to organize and prepare. Yay!

M, S, and I stopped by Target this afternoon to prepare and get some supplies. I’m pretty particular about my notebooks so I didn’t do anything too fancy – just a few colors of Mead Five Star notebooks. The little notebook on top is my one exception – I thought it was so fun and classy! I like smaller notebooks for some classes that I know will be less note intensive, so that one is for my language class. It’s also super necessary to have the matching folder.

I was able to use M’s label maker to write the classes on all of them, which made my inner OCD self really happy… I only attached the labels to the notebooks for the classes I’m sure I’ll be staying in. Emory allows add/drop/swap the first two weeks of the semester, so there’s still a chance to tweak your schedule, which is great. I’ve already switched one class today after seeing the syllabus… super helpful!

New school supplies might be the best part of new classes, and of course its amazing to be reunited will all of my friends. I’ve definitely missed them!

Be on the lookout for some back to school organization posts, coming soon!

p.s. the adorable mug was a belated christmas present from my friend M. It’s so cute! It’s a Kate Spade New York Wickford Monogram Mug – the other letters are also adorable I think I want the whole alphabet!


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