dorm room decoration – picture clothes line

This is a cute and fun way that I hang my photos in my dorm. Rather than having to stick each to the wall individually, this clothesline allows me to display them and arrange with no problem.


Twine | any cheap, normal type of string will do. Mine is brownish with strands, which is a more “retro” feel, but you can really do anything with it.

Thumbtacks | for holding the ends. Mine are round, flat, and silver, but again anything goes.

Clothespins | you’ll need a lot!


Determine how long each line of twine should be. Remember, let it sag a little and it will sag more with photos attached. Tie a knot near the end of each string once you have the final length set.

At the spot on the wall that you’d like to hang the edges of the string, place the knot. Then push a thumbtack through the knot so that the string is firmly attached to it. For some of mine, I needed a hammer to help the tack go into the wall.

After both ends are in, you’re done! Just add some clothespins and some photos and play around with how far apart. I also like how it looks when there is no pattern to the photos, just hang them in any order! And don’t forget you can always move them.

I’ve hung multiple strings on top of each other, but you can do them next to each other, at different lengths, or whatever fits in your space. Have fun with it!

This is an easy way for a cute addition to your dorm room (or any room!).

Try this out? Send me pictures!


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