laptop flair and stickers galore

Who doesn’t get bored of a plain, solid colored laptop?

Stickers for laptops aren’t just for hippies anymore. They don’t all have to be for bands or environmental causes. I’ve found that a lot of my friends in college have decorated their computers to make them more fun, unique, and to make them stand out.

While I definitely would be careful what you put on there (no curse words, etc) because your professor will see it in class, it’s fun to pick out a few stickers that will make you happy every time you open your laptop.

Also, I’m too indecisive to permanently attach any stickers to my computer so I put them on my plastic hard case, which I can always remove if I decide I no longer want decorations.

I currently have an Emory sticker and a sticker from the newspaper I work for, but I’ve been looking on for some new stickers! A lot of my friends have ordered off of this website, and they have thousands of designs (seriously!). They’re also pretty cheap so you can get a lot and stay on your budget. I’m thinking about ordering this one- It’s fun but a little bit colorful. Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.42.08 PMSeriously, there are so many designs that you can get stuck looking forever. I know a lot of people completely cover their computer, but I’d like to build up slowly and maybe make a collection. Things like a Gamma Phi sticker and other moments might come later and I’ll probably want to add it. 

RedBubble is also really cool because you can create your own sticker and sell it, and you’ll get the profits after you sell $100 worth of stickers. This is awesome for your sorority, organization, etc. because it’s an easy way to make money and everyone will get something they really want in return! I have friends at other schools who have fundraised this way and they’ve mad an insane amount of money.

One last tip about stickers – I found that one on the edge of my screen has been rubbing off from being inserted into the laptop sleeve in my backpack. A quick fix is to apply a coat of clear nail polish- this creates an enamel seal that protects it from any further damage.

Happy stickering!!!



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