cruciani bracelets

My friend has one bracelet that I’ve been searching for for almost a year.  It’s woven butterflies on a string that she got on clearance at a local store, but someone told her that they were popular in Italy.

Today, a girl who is studying abroad instagramed the bracelet, and because its spring break I went on the prowl. Behold, after trying a million search terms, I found it: the Cruciani C Bracelet. 

The full story can be found here – but basically the Cruciani company created them and they took off, becoming a fashion trend of their own.  I never imagined that there would be so many styles and I was beyond overwhelmed. For someone indecisive it took quite a long time to choose (my friends will attest to that – hours!).

Instyle called them “The New Friendship Bracelet” and I couldn’t agree more. Its a sophisticated, fun, adult twist on friendship bracelets that I think will stay in style for quite a while.

There were endless patterns and colors, but I decided to go with the four leaf clover, which is their original bracelet,  as my first purchase. (It was a tough call – those butterflies are adorable). 

Each style had amazing descriptions-

“A wish for every four-leaf clover…
A four-leaf clover for every wish.
Symbol of hope, unexpected joy and luck. The four-leaf clover is associated in all over the world as happy and new events.
Because it is very rare, a lot of people consider it like a sacred plant and a very powerful mascot.
The four-leaf clover bracelet is a needle jewel, very original for an original gift idea adorned with a mascot sentence printed in 9 languages!
Available in 43 variants of colors, the four-leaf clover bracelet is a fun proposal to wear in any situation!”

I decided to go with the sky blue because it will look awesome when I’m tan in the summer, and it’s a little different than what I usually wear. I have silver bracelets that it will be next to and wasn’t looking for something else dark. (bottom bracelet is the color!). Hopefully I’ll be able to expand my collection and stack them, which seems to be super popular by evidence of my internet prowling.

The bracelet is available on Cruciani’s website as well as tons of other retailers online. Once I knew what it was called, I found that it wasn’t particularly hard to find them on the web. I chose to order mine from Avenue Luxe because they had the color I wanted with no shipping charge. At 13.50, it’s the right price!

I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival and I’m super excited! I think it’s the perfect accessory for the summer and I’m glad I finally found it. A I’ll be joining the ranks of celebs like Heidi Klum and Beyonce who have been spotted wearing them lately, and it’s the piece I’ve been looking for to complete my bracelet collection.

Next week once it arrives I’ll show be sure to post about it, along with the other bracelets in my everyday collection.

-fcwl (and eagerly awaiting packages!)

In the meantime, check out this sick video that makes me want my bracelet even more… There are also a million videos that demonstrate how to tie them, good to bookmark for later!


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