big little week


This post will be updated throughout the week so check back for fun crafts and other hopefully really cute things from my big!

Day 1 //


Day 2//

2014-03-18 15.06.57

After a fun scavenger hunt with friends, I returned to my room to more goodies and a clue! I didn’t take a picture 😦

Day 3//

She decorated my whole hallway…

2014-03-19 21.20.21 2014-03-19 21.03.34

and there was a message including how I am “awesome than sliced bread” in the common room. Totally cute but embarrassing too!

Day 4 //

More presents that I didn’t photograph, and the coveted letter bag!2014-03-20 19.14.11


Day 5//

More T-shirts as well as an outfit to wear to reveal!

2014-03-21 23.40.01




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