how to pack necklaces

Necklaces always get tangled, wherever they are. I saw this packing method online before I moved to college and it’s worked so well. I’ve kept my jewelry like this except when I wear it, and it’s really saved me a lot of time! I also packed up the same way- all you need is a scissor and some straws.

2014-05-05 18.55.57Depending on the size of the necklace, you can cut the straw down. Or if you’re short on straws this is an easy way to make them go a lot further, once there’s a bit of straw on them they won’t get tangled! All you have to do is thread the necklace through it and then close the clasp and there’s no way for them to get stuck. It doesn’t take up too much space and is really worth it in the end. It’s a simple trick but ones that I love!

In other news, I’m done with finals and headed home tomorrow! Can’t believe my whole room is packed up and moved back to its original locations – the amount of work that’s gone into this is insane!





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