red carpet favorites – MET gala

Although I planned to write this yesterday, after getting stuck in the Atlanta airport for 12 hours I decided that this post had to wait. There was some amazing fashion at the MET Gala this past week, and I just wanted to post a few of my favorites on here (there were so many to choose from – it was definitely hard!)

Click on the photo for more description of what I think of each – also listed here:

Emma Stone | My absolute favorite – I love how she incorporates bright springtime color and uses the crop top trend here. Her hair also looks so carefree and comfortable, unlike some of the girls who looked rather uncomfortable in huge ball gowns and tight hairstyles.

Emmy Rossum | This pattern is so bold and outside of the box!

Lily Aldridge | The way this dressed is draped looks beautiful on her!

Toni Garrn | The color and shape of this is really unique! Puffy, but not too much.

Victoria Beckham | Although her posing style makes me cringe, I think the simplicity of this dress is nice and her and David look stunning together in white.



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