my grades still aren’t posted and more

This time of year, every college student seems to be going through the same agony: when will my final grades be posted? 

We’re all thinking – my professor is so slow, why aren’t they grading these papers faster, how many people are really in my class anyway? Can I get the grade so I can have some piece of mind? 

I would hope that the extra waiting time just means that the professors are putting time and effort into their grading. They know the importance of grades for their students and how it reflects the entire semester. So maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason for it.

Since school is also over, I feel like the waiting really seems like longer. In one class it regularly took two weeks to get tests back, however something about not being in school makes it seem like its been forever. The anxiety over finals grades makes them seem much worse than a normal test!

So, relax. Your grades will come out eventually. Until then, enjoy the freedom of not knowing and know that there’s no way to change them anyway, so there’s no reason to stress!



8 thoughts on “my grades still aren’t posted and more

  1. Orly says:

    i totally get you! even if i’m starting college this fall, in high school i had a teacher who took like 2 months to grade an exam. I knew if i was falling the day i was presenting the final!
    you’ll get your grades soon, and i bet they are high! so dont worry 🙂


  2. Zuri says:

    I remember back in the day, you would have to wait til halfway through summer to get your grades by snail mail. Luckily, our system had our grades posted less than a week after close of semester. Here’s hoping your wait isn’t TOO long! I know I’d be pulling my hair out waiting to find out how I did. Good luck!


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