summer class dos and don’ts

If you’re like me or thousands of other college students, you’re probably taking a class at home this summer.

My class started Monday, and while I wouldn’t exactly say its fun, I’m excited to get it over with and get the credit. Also, I get credit if I get a C or above so I’m ecstatic that I don’t have to obsess over the grade like I normally would. Whether you’re trying to boost your GPA, get classes out of the way, or preview your courses for next semester it’s a great way to stay busy and make some progress, as well as to save money.

Before you go, there are a few things to keep in mind:

(Is this not the cutest application of tswift lyrics???)


  • Be prepared. Your class is probably shorter than classes you’re used to, and forgetting the textbook the first day might be a bigger deal than you think. Make sure that you have everything the night before!
  • Know where you’re going beforehand. I know I have to drive to class so I drove my route and found my hall before hand, so that I wouldn’t be late the first day.
  • Keep an open mind. It might not be your dream school or even a school you think is particularly good, but a negative attitude will make the experience that much less enjoyable.
  • Take advantage of class size/ the fact that it may not factor into your GPA. My class has 12 students, so I can really get to know the professor especially when I don’t understand something being taught. It’s also okay to take risks especially if this is a writing intensive class, because I know many schools do not count the grade in summer classes but only the credit!
  • Try to talk to someone you know that goes to that school, or find friends also taking classes! I ran into so many people from high school on campus it was actually crazy.
  • Find places to get food or coffee, if your class is long like mine you’ll need it!


  • Be late the first day (!). Leave plenty of time to get to campus!
  • Obnoxiously show off what school you actually go to. Nobody likes a snob or a show off!
  • Forget what class you’re there for – I was in a room with all math classes and some people couldn’t remember what they signed up for.
  • Get lost or be unsure where to park – check in advance! I was soooo worried I’d get a ticket because the parking garage we were told to park in ended up being closed.
  • Enroll without knowing if your school takes the credit.
  • Be afraid to ask someone who looks like they know what they’re doing, there is no shame in needing directions.

When in doubt – it’s summer! Yes school is important, but stressing yourself out like during a normal semester is not worth it. I’m planning on saving time for the things I do want to do and not taking myself too seriously so that the class doesn’t bog me down and keep me in my room doing work. Not that it seems like it will, another perk of a summer class is it (might) be easier!

Good luck if you’re also taking class,




2 thoughts on “summer class dos and don’ts

    • from campus with love says:

      Exactly! It doesn’t usually matter where you’ve been before or where you’re going it’s about where you are in the moment! I think seeing how other schools do things has been interesting and it also makes me appreciate my university much more!

      I hope you’re enjoying your summer as well!


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