goldilocks and the three wallets

I’ll be the first to admit I’m never satisfied with my wallet. I’m like goldilocks – this one’s too big, this one’s too small, I loved this one but it got dirty…

I finally found a perfect wallet earlier this month when my sorority had a senior week event at the store C – Wonder. If you’re wondering what that is, don’t worry, I did too, but all of their items were adorable!

This is the website listing for my wallet, however the other beautiful patterns aren’t still up there. I hope they come out with more of these that are similar in the future, because all of my friends have been asking where they can get one too.

I’m usually willing to pay a little bit more for something I’ll use, but this ended up costing me almost nothing. My sorority had given us all $10 gift cards to use in the store, and then with an additional discount from the store my grand total was $6. So yes, something I would purchase again in a heart beat!




I’m so happy I’ve found something unique but that is the right size to fit the various things I carry with me, and also includes an attachment for my keys!

What do you look for in a wallet?


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