repurposed (prom) dress

Meet my prom dress.

IMG_0030 wheelheadshot

I absolutely loved this dress, I wore it to senior prom and not only is it my favorite color, it was comfortable and unique.2014-05-24 20.48.51

Most of us don’t usually wear our prom dress again after the “big event”. Possibly the best thing about this dress is that it looks great short as well. For a wedding I attended this past weekend I got it cut into a short dress, and  the look was completely different while still something that I loved.The detailing in the top definitely came out more as well as my accessories and shoes .

The dress is by Erin Fetherston, who has a website full of amazing dresses. While this one is no longer online because it’s from last year originally, definitely check out her collection with similar silhouettes!

I’m so glad I got to wear this dress again and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it in the future – it’s easy, comfortable, and is always a hit!



5 thoughts on “repurposed (prom) dress

  1. ajarzens says:

    This looks so cute! Cutting your dress short was a great way to get more use out of your prom dress for other events – especially weddings and college formals!


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