my homemade moleskine planner

When most people see my “planner”,  they’re a little bit confused. Why? Because its a Moleskine notebook that I convert into a planner to fit my specifications.


Pictured is a black, hard cover, Moleskine lined notebook in size large. I like the hard cover because it doesn’t bend or get ruined in my school back. It is low maintenance and I can just throw it in without ever having to worry, which is important when it contains basically everything I need to do for the week!

When I was looking for a planner during my junior year of high school I realized that none of them had exactly what I wanted. They either started during weird months and caused overlaps in planners or months where I would have no planner, or had barely any space to write. I write out homework from each class on each day, so having plenty of room is important to me. I also wanted spaces where I could write notes and any other thing I needed to remember, as well as a pocket to store things in. So, I turned to my beautiful Moleskine.




On the top left hand side of each page I write the month or months, and the right side I write the # of the week (so the first page in the planner would be week #1, etc). This can easily be adapted to whatever you like!

The actual pages are split into three sections, with pen lines to show each. In this specific size, there were 7 lines per box. The date is written as the day of the week and the number with a small box, and I split a section for Saturday and Sunday .This is the basic layout that doesn’t change based on the week.

To write in this notebook, I use the Pilot G-2 Pen, which you can probably find at most drugstores. They write beautifully and don’t smudge, but look professional in my notebook. They also come in different widths so you can write with whatever makes you feel comfortable.


Every month or two I leave a set of pages blank for whatever notes I have. These could be packing lists, post ideas, whatever I’m thinking about! It’s also  a great place to transfer sticky notes that I’ve been writing things on.

Lastly, the Moleskines feature a pocket in the back where I can slip receipts that need to be saved or one or two flashcards for a test which is so helpful. Then it all seals tight with a string closure so that nothing falls out or gets bent.


I hope this was helpful for anyone who’s interested in investing the extra time to make their planner exactly what they want! It can be a lot of work but I do it in spurts, for example doing a semester’s worth of weeks at a time.

What do you think?






18 thoughts on “my homemade moleskine planner

  1. Zuri says:

    Oh wow, that is super cute! Your handwriting is so exacting. I couldn’t do this, my handwriting is atrocious. My school gives out planners at the beginning of every year, both as a planner and the back half is the student guide. I’ve been using that.


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