Spirit Jerseys

The sprit jerseys are here! I’ve posted before about how much I love them and how excited I was to finally receive mine! (The 4-6 week wait time is seriously a killer!)




We were able to get a group of 6 girls together to order here. Sometimes you can get individual ones, but we wanted the mint color that I’m wearing and didn’t want to wait until after the summer was over for our jerseys. The nice part about that was that we could customize them how we like.

While mint is not a Gamma Phi color, many of the girls in my chapter have that color and it’s nice because it doesn’t overlap with the colors of any other sorority. I’m not a huge pink person, so having a whole spirit jersey in that color (which is Gamma Phi’s color!) would probably be too much for me.

I was really excited that they came within five weeks of ordering. I now have the task of sending them out to each person who ordered’s house, but I’m loving the opportunity to send them a nice letter at the same time.

I can’t wait to be reunited with my sisters in the fall and see them all wearing these jerseys around campus. I’m also looking forward to wearing it with a ton of different outfits and in all weather, especially at the beach this summer.


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