washi tape keyboard

I’ve been seeing Washi Tape all over the internet lately, and I can’t help but look at it every time I go to the store. This DIY Washi-taped Keyboard is one of the best uses that I’ve seen. I love how the combination of patterns works but isn’t overly crazy. After weeks of browsing through Pinterest boards and pictures, I finally decided to give it a try and purchased my own roll of Washi Tape.

Etsy features a thousands of rolls in patterns more beautiful than the next, but I decided to stick with the Scotch brand from Staples because I’m not ready for a big commitment to Washi Tape. They had a decent variety and a roll was only $2.99, which is perfect if you’re just looking to try it out.

Last Import - 3The white parts of the tape are semi translucent, which is great because whatever you put it on will show through. I do wish though that it was either fully white or fully translucent, because this color gave my black keys a filmy, strange look. I think that using a roll from Etsy would solve this problem, but for my purposes I didn’t really mind.

Last Import - 1I didn’t want to overwhelm the keyboard and do every key, so I chose to do the space bar, the return & shift buttons, and then A and P for my initials. The tape was very easy to cut to the correct size, and I just made sure the pattern lined up how I would like it on each key. I’ve also successfully taken it on and off a few times and I love how the tape doesn’t leave a residue yet stays sticky.

I’m really looking forward to expanding my Washi collection and hopefully using it to create even more! I’ve tried it in my planner and on my phone cord, and I’m planning to try it on more DIY crafts in the future.




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