The end of the semester this year seems like it’s looming more than ever. That’s because I’ll be abroad next semester, studying at the American University of Rome, in Rome, Italy! (!!!!!!!!)

Can I be Lizzie McGuire?



pick me, choose me, love me

I was in Tampa for spring break and it was the beginning of strawberry season, so we went out to Plant City for some strawberry picking.

First of all, it was SO HOT. I got a great tan, but also destroyed the bottom of my converse sneakers by stepping in strawberry remains. They might be permanently tinted red at this point!

2015-03-14 13.42.38A giant tin of strawberries was only 50 cents, so we picked about a million berries (no exaggeration) for $5.

2015-03-14 14.14.08-1

2015-03-14 14.13.58

2015-03-14 14.16.00

Afterwards, we headed over to Parksdale Farms Market for out of this world strawberry shortcake and smoothies. We waited in line in the sun for almost an hour for our yummy treats, but it was worth it. 2015-03-14 15.30.072015-03-15 11.13.49

(check out those fabulous crowns for candid photos)



gone greek sundays

I think Sundays should never, ever be used for anything but hanging around. Ever.

I love to relax in my letters, because they’re actually some of the comfiest clothing I own, and I can dress them up or down. Today, I was running a new member meeting for my sorority so I wanted to show some spirit when I met with the new pledge class.

I just got this amazing new letter shirt this week from Gone Greek – and I couldn’t be more in love! When I picked the pattern out, I was looking for something a little different than usual. There were so many choices it honestly took me hours to pick the perfect combination. In the end, I went with blue and pink because they’re my family’s colors and also some of my favorite colors. The navy blue letters have white stars that are super cute in person.

Gone GreekNot only are the letters adorable, the shirt is comfort colors so its insanely soft and comfy. I’m also in love with this dark grey because I can wear it with black leggings (aka my favorite bottoms ever).

It’s rained all weekend, so the white-wall study break, wet hair picture is real life right now, but I honestly am obsessed with this shirt. Gone Greek has so many options – it was hard to find one thing that was my favorite on the site. With Big/Little week coming up, I’m eyeing this tote bag, this adorable monogrammed hat, and the state sweatshirt. If I could, I would order it all for my little! The shirt came within two days, so I love knowing that my order will definitely come in time for clue week.

Who doesn’t love new sorority apparel? Let me know what piece of sorority clothing you’ve been eyeing!

Shirt c/o Gone Greek, photography by Elizabeth Littlefield Photography 

selfie sunday

My wonderful sorority sister Kristen took photos of some of us last week to use during recruitment in January. It was a ton of fun hanging out and taking some cute photos, and a terrific break from studying for finals! The “dress code” was pink (official Gamma Phi color), white and gold.

I thought I’d share a few today (#selfiesunday?). More of Kristen’s photos and her photography can be found here . It’s so great that she took the time out to do this for the sorority, and I really enjoyed it!


10476127_4848092216141_4371076902821682351_o 10827939_1022678434424640_6805571599154441218_o 10841778_4848092136139_7952122140718944968_o 10856642_4848092176140_516689011574664416_o

We’re all really excited for recruitment when we return in January!

a day at the museum

My suitemates and I took study break and headed to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. A group on campus was offering transportation and free shuttles, so we took advantage of it, and I was looking forward to finally checking the museum out.

The modern art section was amazing and by far my favorite – it was really casual and each piece was more interesting than the next.  Aside from Emory students, it was fairly empty so we had plenty of time to walk around and hang out near our favorite pieces.

Ultimately, this is the most famous piece at the musuem. Kapoor, the artist, also created the Bean in Chicago. (It also amplified your voice and echoed it if you stood in front)

Our little trip reminded me to get outside of the campus bubble more often and take advantage of all of the amazing things that Atlanta has to offer.


laundry lessons

I thought I was pretty good at doing my own laundry. After all, I’ve been at college for more than a year now and I’ve had to do my fair share of it. That was, until I had the unfortunate experience of shrinking my backpack this week.

Lesson #1: Do not put a North Face backpack in the dryer. 

I purchased a white North Face backpack at the beginning of the year because I liked the look and thought that it was something a little different. After all, I’m in college and I can keep my backpack clean. So when it had a little bit of dirt on the top yesterday I decided to throw it in the washer and the dryer (after consulting my mom for laundry advice). The wash went fine. I thought that the dryer went fine — until I went to look at the straps! The best way to describe it is a raisin. It’s sitting in my room, staring at me, looking me in the eye. It’s also even more dirty than it ever was – I think the washing must have brought it all to the surface?!

IMG_4307.JPGI guess I’m getting a new backpack, which I will NEVER put in the dryer.

Today I ordered this lovely Jansport, which I hope will be arriving within the next few days.

It’s funny because all summer as I searched for backpacks I ruled Jansport out because I did not want their classic design. However, I stumbled upon this one which has a little bit of flair and style, as well as fun pockets. It’s a little bit different while still being nicely made bag with a laptop sleeve and room for all of my books. I can’t wait for it to come – my back is dying from lugging around my laptop and all of my books in a shoulder bag. Needless to say, I appreciate my North Face now more than I ever have!


fish eye view

I’ve been eyeing clip on phone lenses for while now, but I’ve never really been able to justify getting one. However, when I found an old Best Buy gift card laying around the house and saw that the perfect set of lenses were on sale, I just had to do it.

After some research, I found that the Olloclip is one of the better versions currently out there. I have the 3 in 1 lens kit for iPhone 5/5s. Anyone can tell you, I’ve been obsessed with it since I got it. It takes some pretty amazing pictures and I’ve always wanted to experiment with a fish eye.



While the pictures are definitely less clear, I think the cool effect makes up for it. I wouldn’t use this all of the time also because you need to take the case off to use it, but it’s great to carry with you if that special moment does come along!

kate spade planner

I finally gave in and bought the Kate Spade 2015 Planner that I’ve been eyeing forever.  I chose the Set the Stage 17-month Medium Agenda in Black Stripe  and to be honest, I definitely haven’t looked back.

In the past, I’ve talked about how I made my own planner, but I’ve been craving something a little bit more professional than I have time to make myself. These planners seem so cute and fit my criteria perfect, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

In a planner, I wanted(/require?):

  • Dedicated lines for each day, with less for Saturday and Sunday
  • A pocket of some sort
  • A hard cover that won’t bend in my backpack
  • Some type of closure – string, or elastic, or snap
  • A binding that won’t break in the middle of the year  – ex. no cheap ring bindings
  • Spots for notes

The Kate Spade Planner was able to hit all of these bullets, while looking stylish as well. I went with the black and white stripes because I wanted something that would be timeless (after all, it’s for 17 months!) and professional but still had some pop. I almost chose the Green Painterly Cheetah pattern, but honestly it’s so hard to tell online if that would be green overload.

I love the black and white pattern is continued on the inside with the black and white polka dots, and all the pages are classy and simple. I’ve added my own color in the form of colored post it notes and flags, and eventually I might add some washi tape. I just love that it’s simple and plain to allow me to focus on what really has to get done.

2014-08-05 19.57.02 2014-08-05 19.58.13

*Note: the 2015 writing is not actually blue – it’s more of a silver!

Overall, I’m very happy with my decision – I’ll be sure to update once I begin using it for actual school in 17 days! (oh my gosh!).

a note on textbooks

With textbook buying season right around the corner (I’ve already made spreadsheets comparing prices), a sorority sister posted a fabulous way to buy. I get most of mine on Amazon, but from now on I’ll be using Amazon Smile, which donates 5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charity of your choice.

I took a quick scroll through the list and the possibilities are endless – I could donate to my sorority’s philanthropy, Girls on the Run, or Make-A-Wish, a foundation that I’ve always loved. It even breaks it down by the regional organization so that your money can go close to your heart.  I love that Girls on the Run Atlanta, the organization that Emory Gamma Phi works directly to support, is on there. They also claim to be able to reach out to any unlisted charity so that they can begin accepting Amazon donations.

I think this is genius on Amazon’s part, and I wish that more people knew about it. I spend a ton of money on Amazon every year and it would be great to know that it is going to a good cause. Of course, not all items may be eligible but I’m really hoping the majority are. 5% isn’t much but it can definitely add up quickly.

Textbook shopping just got a little bit happier!