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Until the end of the day on June 30th you can get 15% off on with the code ALYSSA15.

Literally, I look around all day and want to buy everything! There are amazing, cheap finds from this boutique that I personally love, and thousands of other unique items for any occasion. Some favorites I’ve looked at recently:


What do you think? Let me know if you use the code, happy shopping 🙂



instagram top 10

It’s almost finals season, and that means a ton of new opportunities for procrastination. I’m eagerly looking for new accounts to follow on Instagram, and especially been looking for travel accounts [see previous post, rome!]. I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts with y’all. (in no particular order)

1 | @juliahengel 

Julia takes the cutest photos of travel & her daily life. I feel myself keeping a list of places to go and outfits to find when I look at her posts.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.38.18 PM

2 | @nigelbarker

So you wanna be on top? Seriously though, forget America’s Next Top Model this could be America’s next top Instagram account, with a little bit of everything to keep you guessing. Also, he’s clearly a professional photographer so the photos are fantastic.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.45.11 PM

3 | @palerthanyourwhitestwall

One of my sorority sisters, Emily, started this fashion account a few months ago. Shocker, she’s really pale but she has amazing style and I like to see her outfits on the days I don’t see her in person!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.35.34 PM

4 | @humansofny

I think almost everybody has been in love with Humans of New York for quite some time now, but this is an obvious one. I like seeing the photos better on Instagram sometimes, because it’s less cluttered than Facebook and you can really focus on them. Also, spoiler alert sometimes they’re posted on Instagram first!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.32.30 PM

5 | @carly (The College Prepster)

Carly is great for some blog inspiration and just cute, colorful pictures of NYC/Connecticut. I like to see what working for herself looks like, and although I’m not the preppiest person in the world her outfit shots are so cute.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.27.46 PM

6 | I’ve been on the hunt to find some amazing Italy instagram accounts to get excited for my semester in Rome. Late last night, I think I found three that hit the jackpot. The first of those three is


Nicolee features amazing shots of Rome and her surroundings, from flowers, to bicycles, to anything else that catches her eye. I feel like it’s a more intimate look at the city I’ll soon be calling home, and a great way to start figuring out my must-visit sites!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.39.52 PM

7 | @saverome

I love this account for the history, as it’s mostly architecture and the details behind what used to be on sites in Rome. My inner history nerd feels like I’m learning something about the city and its past.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.42.36 PM

8 | @notmynonni

When the tagline is grandmas and grandpas of Italy and beyond…you know it’s gonna be good. This account is so funny and still shows some of the Italian way of life. I have yet to see a Nonni that’s not adorable! My personal favorite might be Nonna trying to find her Vespa keys...

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.24.27 PM

9 | @mommyshorts

Mommyshorts never fails to deliver amazingly witty photos of her and her kids, living in NYC. Lately, I’ve also loved seeing all their cross-country travels. Morale of the story: I’m a sucker for cute kids and a sassy comment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.50.01 PM

10 | @Shoptiques

I love Shoptiques’ fashion, food and general New York City posts. They also post amazing inspirational quotes just when you need them (like Monday mornings!). Fun fact – I’ll be a Marketing/PR intern for them this summer, so be sure to stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.47.10 PM

And of course, I have to add in that I think the from campus with love instagram is pretty cool 🙂

What are your favorite accounts?


pick me, choose me, love me

I was in Tampa for spring break and it was the beginning of strawberry season, so we went out to Plant City for some strawberry picking.

First of all, it was SO HOT. I got a great tan, but also destroyed the bottom of my converse sneakers by stepping in strawberry remains. They might be permanently tinted red at this point!

2015-03-14 13.42.38A giant tin of strawberries was only 50 cents, so we picked about a million berries (no exaggeration) for $5.

2015-03-14 14.14.08-1

2015-03-14 14.13.58

2015-03-14 14.16.00

Afterwards, we headed over to Parksdale Farms Market for out of this world strawberry shortcake and smoothies. We waited in line in the sun for almost an hour for our yummy treats, but it was worth it. 2015-03-14 15.30.072015-03-15 11.13.49

(check out those fabulous crowns for candid photos)



diy fold over elastic hair ties

It’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY, and I have simple yet extremely useful one today. I’ve been hooked on elastic hair ties for quite some time now. They just work so much better for managing my thick hair, and look like jewelry on my wrist.

I was at a fabric store near school that was having a blowout closing sale when I found some of this elastic in cute colors. Considering that these hair ties cost around $12 for a pack of four at most retailers, and I made eight for $3, I’d say this is a pretty great deal!

There are so many more patterns and styles you can find online, but I went for simple, wearable colors for this set.



Scissors (fairly sharp ones!)

Your Hands


There are a few methods to determine how to measure the proper length for each band. One way is to fold the elastic around your wrist, then add a bit more elastic for the knot to be constructed from. Using this method, I was able to get four ties out of each pack of elastic.

You can also measure out approximately 8 inches with a ruler for an adult wrist. However, I was more concerned with how these would fit with my hair. Store bought ties tend to be an awkward size for me, and are often too lose and don’t hold my hair. I made a variety of sizes to experiment with this time to find out what I liked best.

I cut the edges of my elastic at a slight angle to prevent fraying. Some people will use a flame to burn the edges together, however I’ve found that they hold just as well without the extra step! This is also where a sharp scissor comes in handy – the cleaner cut you can get the less fraying.

2014-12-23 17.12.17To finish the hair ties, simply tie a knot. Be careful not to leave too much or too little fabric at the edge (it took me a few tries to get this right!), and pull the knot as tight as you can. Then, your ties are done and ready to wear!

It can’t get easier then that! These ties can make a nice little present, save you a few dollars, or be coordinated to team outfits for school spirit. I’m excited to experiment with patterns, the possibilities are endless!

2014-12-23 23.45.37


one year

I knew that this milestone was coming up sometime soon, but I’ve been reminded that today is officially one year since I started this blog. I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received on this little adventure!

In honor of this year, I’ve rounded up my top five favorite posts. Enjoy!

1| diy memory mason jarIMG_0016

2)  snow week

2014-02-04 10.43.43

3) dorm room decoration – picture clothes line2014-01-14 18.38.51

4) what’s in my longchamp bag – airplane carry-onlongchampnumbered

5) My very first post – hair ties to die forScreen Shot 2013-12-24 at 1.06.58 PM

Today I’m off to the tropics for a much needed tropical vacation with my family – Happy Holidays!

laundry lessons

I thought I was pretty good at doing my own laundry. After all, I’ve been at college for more than a year now and I’ve had to do my fair share of it. That was, until I had the unfortunate experience of shrinking my backpack this week.

Lesson #1: Do not put a North Face backpack in the dryer. 

I purchased a white North Face backpack at the beginning of the year because I liked the look and thought that it was something a little different. After all, I’m in college and I can keep my backpack clean. So when it had a little bit of dirt on the top yesterday I decided to throw it in the washer and the dryer (after consulting my mom for laundry advice). The wash went fine. I thought that the dryer went fine — until I went to look at the straps! The best way to describe it is a raisin. It’s sitting in my room, staring at me, looking me in the eye. It’s also even more dirty than it ever was – I think the washing must have brought it all to the surface?!

IMG_4307.JPGI guess I’m getting a new backpack, which I will NEVER put in the dryer.

Today I ordered this lovely Jansport, which I hope will be arriving within the next few days.

It’s funny because all summer as I searched for backpacks I ruled Jansport out because I did not want their classic design. However, I stumbled upon this one which has a little bit of flair and style, as well as fun pockets. It’s a little bit different while still being nicely made bag with a laptop sleeve and room for all of my books. I can’t wait for it to come – my back is dying from lugging around my laptop and all of my books in a shoulder bag. Needless to say, I appreciate my North Face now more than I ever have!


fish eye view

I’ve been eyeing clip on phone lenses for while now, but I’ve never really been able to justify getting one. However, when I found an old Best Buy gift card laying around the house and saw that the perfect set of lenses were on sale, I just had to do it.

After some research, I found that the Olloclip is one of the better versions currently out there. I have the 3 in 1 lens kit for iPhone 5/5s. Anyone can tell you, I’ve been obsessed with it since I got it. It takes some pretty amazing pictures and I’ve always wanted to experiment with a fish eye.



While the pictures are definitely less clear, I think the cool effect makes up for it. I wouldn’t use this all of the time also because you need to take the case off to use it, but it’s great to carry with you if that special moment does come along!

kate spade planner

I finally gave in and bought the Kate Spade 2015 Planner that I’ve been eyeing forever.  I chose the Set the Stage 17-month Medium Agenda in Black Stripe  and to be honest, I definitely haven’t looked back.

In the past, I’ve talked about how I made my own planner, but I’ve been craving something a little bit more professional than I have time to make myself. These planners seem so cute and fit my criteria perfect, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

In a planner, I wanted(/require?):

  • Dedicated lines for each day, with less for Saturday and Sunday
  • A pocket of some sort
  • A hard cover that won’t bend in my backpack
  • Some type of closure – string, or elastic, or snap
  • A binding that won’t break in the middle of the year  – ex. no cheap ring bindings
  • Spots for notes

The Kate Spade Planner was able to hit all of these bullets, while looking stylish as well. I went with the black and white stripes because I wanted something that would be timeless (after all, it’s for 17 months!) and professional but still had some pop. I almost chose the Green Painterly Cheetah pattern, but honestly it’s so hard to tell online if that would be green overload.

I love the black and white pattern is continued on the inside with the black and white polka dots, and all the pages are classy and simple. I’ve added my own color in the form of colored post it notes and flags, and eventually I might add some washi tape. I just love that it’s simple and plain to allow me to focus on what really has to get done.

2014-08-05 19.57.02 2014-08-05 19.58.13

*Note: the 2015 writing is not actually blue – it’s more of a silver!

Overall, I’m very happy with my decision – I’ll be sure to update once I begin using it for actual school in 17 days! (oh my gosh!).

washi tape keyboard

I’ve been seeing Washi Tape all over the internet lately, and I can’t help but look at it every time I go to the store. This DIY Washi-taped Keyboard is one of the best uses that I’ve seen. I love how the combination of patterns works but isn’t overly crazy. After weeks of browsing through Pinterest boards and pictures, I finally decided to give it a try and purchased my own roll of Washi Tape.

Etsy features a thousands of rolls in patterns more beautiful than the next, but I decided to stick with the Scotch brand from Staples because I’m not ready for a big commitment to Washi Tape. They had a decent variety and a roll was only $2.99, which is perfect if you’re just looking to try it out.

Last Import - 3The white parts of the tape are semi translucent, which is great because whatever you put it on will show through. I do wish though that it was either fully white or fully translucent, because this color gave my black keys a filmy, strange look. I think that using a roll from Etsy would solve this problem, but for my purposes I didn’t really mind.

Last Import - 1I didn’t want to overwhelm the keyboard and do every key, so I chose to do the space bar, the return & shift buttons, and then A and P for my initials. The tape was very easy to cut to the correct size, and I just made sure the pattern lined up how I would like it on each key. I’ve also successfully taken it on and off a few times and I love how the tape doesn’t leave a residue yet stays sticky.

I’m really looking forward to expanding my Washi collection and hopefully using it to create even more! I’ve tried it in my planner and on my phone cord, and I’m planning to try it on more DIY crafts in the future.